EEAA/IEEE/EE Forum 2018

Forum materials:
Opening by William Chan >pdf<
Topic 1:Renewable Energy for Hong Kong Opportunities and Challenges >pdf<
Topic 2:Energy Storage Technology for present and future Power Processing >pdf<
Topic 3: Review on Energy Strategies in selected places for promoting RE development in Hong Kong >pdf<
Topic 4: Technical and Financial Performance of Hong Kong Power Utilities in 2005-2017 and Looking Ahead >pdf<
Topic 5: The meaning of energy techno-economic audit & application
– >pdf 1< – >pdf 2< – >pdf 3< ->pdf 4< – >pdf 5< – >pdf 6<
Topic 6: Regulation in Energy Strategy >pdf<
Topic 7: Consumption effects of an electricity decarbonization policy: Hong Kong >pdf<
Topic 8: Nuclear Safety and Development in PRC >pdf<
Topic 9: International Platforms for Promoting Power and Engery Development in Hong Kong >pdf<
Closing by CW Tso >pdf<
Closing by AK David >pdf<

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